Grafton - North / Toadfrogs


We experienced our first Nor’easter yesterday. The day started overcast and rainy. By the middle of the day, there was strong wind and driving rain. By dinnertime, I was happy to be inside cooking dinner. We were getting the kids ready for bed around 8 last night when the power went out. We quickly realized it was only our house with no lights. Wade explored outside and found that two trees from the Land Trust next door had fallen on our power lines. Thankfully they mostly missed the house. We were getting all set up with flashlights and iPads when Wade remembers the sump pump. We’ve already had a minor basement flood when it got backed up. Our neighbor was nice enough to let us use his outdoor outlet and Wade got it running. After only 20 minutes, we already had standing water in one corner. Another neighbor offered a generator. We were set up with limited power by 11 pm. I went to bed and woke up this morning to full power. Wade said the guys showed up around 1 am and had the lines reconnected very quickly. Now we just have to cut some trees.

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