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Personal Pet Peeve

Have you seen these signs at your local stores – especially grocery stores? At first glance it seems like such a great idea. Those infant carriers are heavy and awkward – especially if you also have shopping bags.

Then let’s scan out and look at the big picture. The closest cart return is quite a ways away. This makes the awesome parking spot not so awesome.

You are left with the choice of leaving the baby in the car while you return the cart or you can push the baby in the cart (after unloading the groceries) and then carry the heavy baby and carrier back to the car. Either way, suddenly the parking spot isn’t so grand. I almost always choose to park right by the cart return. Then I grab the cart and push the baby in and have an easy return when I am done. (On the same note, this has to be annoying for people using the handicap spots too. They are still forced to go a further distance if they put up their cart after unloading.)

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