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We almost always have at least one cousin “sleepover” if not multiple when we are in town. This trip we were only there two days and with the craziness of Christmas we (meaning Melissa and I) didn’t think it was the best idea. I was hoping to get a new cousin picture now that the cousins number six and decided to use my dad’s house for the pictures. Once I realized we were going to be at his house anyway, I had Melissa bring her kids in their pajamas and we staged a sleepover picture. I just love seeming them all together in their pajamas.

Then we got everyone coordinated and attempted a big group picture. By far my favorite was the picture of everyone laughing. I had been asking them to do all kinds of faces – surprised, sad, mad, etc. Then Aunt Lissy got their attention and licked my cheek – whatever it takes for a good picture!

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