Hotels have been a challenge for us since Alex was born. My kids go to bed really early and it makes sharing a room not so fun. Plenty of hotels have adjoining rooms, but most will not guarantee adjoining rooms – which makes them worthless. We have stayed in hotels that offer suites but those are a little trickier to find – especially if you truly want separate rooms with doors and not just a “living room area.” We are on our way to Tennessee – a two day drive. This is the first trip we have taken with four kids. Wade had the brilliant idea of looking for a house to rent on airbnb. It was perfect. We stayed at this little farmhouse on a farm and didn’t have to worry about the kids playing loudly or a crying baby at 2 am. We had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen with a dishwasher to wash bottles – perfect! The best part was it was just as cheap as booking two hotel rooms.

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