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Christmas Is Here

We all woke up to a white Christmas. It snowed all night and we probably got 4 inches or so. Our kids were excellent about waiting for us to come get them from their rooms. I have no idea how early they woke up, but definitely before Wade and me! They rushed downstairs and loved seeing the gifts Santa left – a dollhouse, Legos, light sabers, the promise of a puppy, etc. We spent quite a bit of time in our pajamas playing with toys and having a big breakfast.

We finally convinced the kids to get showered and dress before opening our family gifts. Most everyone took a nap (or played in their new iPads) while Gram and I did a little cooking for dinner. Then we got outside and played for a few minutes in the snow! It was a perfect holiday. (And now I have to get to packing for our trip to Tennessee.)

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