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Life Changing

About three years ago, I figured out something most people probably already know. If I prepare some meat (in our case pulled chicken and ground beef) and keep it in the freezer in pre-portionioned sizes, dinner can always be ready in a pinch. For me this took so much time out of preparing certain meals and gave me a few that I can always make at a moment’s notice (Chili, tacos, nachos, several casseroles, etc). I freeze each bag with about 2 cups of meat, which works perfectly for most everything I prepare.

Last year I stumbled onto a blog that truly revolutionized my meat prep. It turns out you don’t have to shred chicken by hand. I have always boiled chicken on the bone, let it cool, and then shredded it with my fingers. Imagine my surprise when I learned you can use your mixer to shred multiple chicken breasts at a time. Now I buy a lot of meat at one time (normally at Sam’s Club) and take an afternoon to get it all ready for freezing. Then we are good to go for several months.

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  1. Umm, genius. 

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