Accidents happen. It turns out all the adults make a little mistake in reading the fine print on our rental agreement. Wade found the house we are renting for our vacation week. Judy and Jerry make the actual reservations. They then sent a copy of the reservations to Emily, Wade, and myself. Of all five adults, no one realized that the reservations ended today (and not tomorrow as we had meant to reserve). Thankfully a man showed up to service the hot tub and was surprised to still find us in the house. He questioned that we were there enough that we called the owner and realized our mistake. You have never seen a group of people pack up so quickly. Within an hour, we were all packed and the house was cleaned – still a few hours past when we were supposed to have left. Nothing was organized and in the end we forgot two of the bowls Jerry had made for Kaitlyn (but we did eventually get them back). Instead of the birthday dinner out we had planned we headed out to a birthday lunch.

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