Trick Or Treat

The forecast had been calling for rain today, but I had been ignoring it. It couldn’t possibly rain on Halloween, right? Wrong. It was cold and rainy all day. There was some hope the rain would stop by 5 pm, but everything was going to be soggy and yucky. Thankfully I had taken the kids Halloween picture yesterday. Compare below yesterday’s fully put together costumes and how we ended up dressing for the rain and cold. (Alex – ghost. Teague – Sonic. Kaitlyn – fairy.)

We went to our neighbor’s about 4 pm for chili and pizza. The kids took over the basement and the adults talked and ate in relative peace upstairs. Then we loaded up in the cars and drove to a nearby neighborhood with houses a little closer together than ours (and without the huge hills for driveways).

The kids made it longer and farther than I thought they would, but I didn’t mind a bit that we were home and eating candy in our pajamas by 8 pm.

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