I Am A Superhero

I took all three of my kids to the dentist at the same time. This amazing dentist (Dr. Herer at Children’s Dentistry Group) had them x-rayed (partial for Teague and a full set for Alex) and examined before I even realized what had happened. Kaitlyn was not a fan (but then she hates to have her teeth brushed at home, but he just calmly counted her teeth, brushed them and gave her a fluoride treatment. (No pictures because she was in my lap the entire time.) Then the boys were done in separate rooms right after the other and I had Alex back to school by lunch time. Amazing. He even sat and discussed each child and their unique situations (because it is my family) and the entire staff entertained my children at the fish tank by the door while I scheduled the additional work needed for Alex. (Kaitlyn even let one of staff hold her.)


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