Two Out Of Three

Teague had his regular three month eye appointment, but with a new eye doctor. We’ve now had four ophthalmologists in about a year. The turnover in Kansas City was just random bad luck – a fellowship ending, maternity leave, and the availability for a last minute checkup before we left town (due to the maternity leave being extended a second time). Now we have a new doctor (recommended by our Boston surgeon). She is wonderful. I love her. She also quickly recommended glasses for Teague. He didn’t seem at all bothered and was rather excited when he got to pick out a blue pair.
There is a Baskin Robbins conveniently located in the same parking lot as the doctor’s office. Teague has a lot of trouble letting people put drops in his eyes. We made a deal that he could have a huge scoop of ice cream if he let the drops go in with minimal fuss. (Lucky for him he actually had to get two different kinds of drops. The first time didn’t go so well at all, but he was a champ by the second time.)

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