Teague’s Eyes

As I was going through the pictures I took today, I got to this picture and just stopped. I looked at Teague’s eyes and thought how amazing they look! On a regular basis I don’t even think about all the patching (four years for him) and surgeries (six total) that he’s been through. He tends to squint his eyes quite a bit in direct sunlight – whether due to his Korean heritage or his particular condition, I’m not sure. I rarely get a good photograph of his eyes when we are in good light. But this picture captures them beautifully!
I was determined to go back and find an old picture for comparison. The picture below was taken almost exactly two years ago – prior to any surgeries. It shows his typical head position (tilted back), with his mouth open, eyelids drooping (ptosis) and his eyes in their fixed positions turned inwards in the lower corners.

  1. That really is amazing!!

  2. What a difference! He looks great!

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