A New Dress On The Beach

Harper saw this pretty pink dress in the store and fell in love. Melissa decided to buy it – even if it was only used for play and fun. When she told me about it we arranged to document it with some beach photos and thought to add Teague and his love of ties into the mix. We got the kids out on the beach early, early (which was a way better idea sun-wise than the evening before) and took some fun pictures. The cutest part was how worried Harper was about ruining her dress in the sand. It took a lot of convincing before she would walk normally without holding her dress above her knees.





(I didn’t catch Harper with a huge grin on her face, but she is usually a super happy girl. She was just that concerned about her dress. She did tell Gram it’s the dress she is going to get married in – can’t let anything happen to it!)

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