Craziest Of Sundays

As we were cooking dinner last night we realized the house was a little warm. We adjusted the air and an hour realized it was even hotter than before. By this morning we were miserable and knew we had a problem with our AC. Wade left messages with every place he could find claiming to work 24/7 (at least 4 or 5 businesses). By the end of the day we had had two return phone calls and one person actually showed up (and was incredibly grumpy and rude at having to work on Father’s Day). At this point it was high 90s outside and our house felt even hotter. Wade had rigged up some of our old window AC units in a doorway (all of our windows are casement windows – ugh!) but it was still extremely miserable inside the house.
But more importantly, it was Father’s Day. The boys had been so excited to buy Wade the biggest card they could find. They had spent a good chunk of time coloring the card and making it extra special. (Please forgive the lack of clothes for reasons stated above.)

Then we spent the rest of the day trying to stay happy – Legos for the boys and cookie dough for me (Kaitlyn got her first taste).



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