Pacifier Update

Kaitlyn gave up her pacifier about three weeks ago. Based on what we have learned of her personality so far and the attempt I made to take it away at 4 months of age (read here), I thought this was going to be a long, traumatic experience. I was wrong. Within two days Kaitlyn didn’t even seem to remember she’d ever had a pacifier. We’ve always put her in her crib awake and she went from fussing for a bit after being put down to fussing only until we walked out of the room. I can’t explain this part but I also think she became a happier baby. Her late afternoon fussiness – when I felt like she really wanted the pacifier but i refused to get it out of her bed for her – disappeared. Once again I personally feel like 10 months is my personal magic age to take away the pacifier! Win for us.

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