Paducah Saturdays

We made the trip to Paducah for my Dad. He’s a race car driver (drag racing) on the weekends and this is the first time ever that he has raced in Paducah. (He’s actually taken a few years off from racing so my kids have never seen him race.) Paducah was the perfect first place for a first race because Kaitlyn could stay with my Mom. (Race tracks are hot, noisy, and generally not fun for babies.) But before the races began we spent all morning enjoying my Mom’s house and being lazy bums!


One a side note – my mom is one of the few people who is not intimidated by my big camera and will pick it up, without being asked, and snap a picture. Thanks Mom! (This is more impressive because she is not naturally a picture taker.)
We knew it would be a late night for the boys so we all took naps and then headed to the race track. The boys got to see my Dad make two passes down the track (both qualifying rounds), but in their minds they were wins! My Dad did win the event but it didn’t end till well into Sunday morning and the boys didn’t quite make it that late.





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