Copyright Release

I bribed my kids to dress up and go out in the backyard not once but twice on Sunday afternoon for pictures. I was desperately trying to get a picture for Mother’s Day gifts. I finally got enough decent pictures I could then turn them over to my husband for photoshopping magic (which is never my preferred way of getting a good picture). He ended up taking each child from a different picture and creating this masterpiece (mind you Alex’s open eyes are from a fourth picture). I thought the picture was cute but definitely not one of my favorites or at all one of my best. I was so late in getting this together that I couldn’t even have a quality print done from Mpix or the like. Instead I had to rush a print from Walgreens. Then I went to pick up the picture and I was informed I needed a copyright release. It took me a minute of staring at the woman blankly before I even realized what she was saying. Then I truly started laughing. I told her I took the picture in my backyard two days ago. She kindly removed the notice and let me have my pictures. I am going to take the incident as a compliment.

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