We had really hoped to be done with eye patches long before this point. We had assumed (way back when) that Teague would have a single surgery and then all would be great. We’ve now had six surgeries and we are still patching one of his eyes. At his last eye checkup, the ophthalmologist confirmed that his left eye is finally at an equal strength to his right. (I was mentally jumping for joy and thinking this would be an end to eye patches.) Then she informed me they would like us to continue to patching for 3 months and we’d talk at his next checkup. Teague is occasionally grumpy about the eye patches but overall has a good attitude. He likes to pick out his eye patch and can put it on himself when he is in the mood. The current recommendation is to wear it for 6 hours on the right eye every day. The truth is we wear it for 4 hours five days a week, but that seems to be getting the desired results.


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