Happy Birthday To Me

Kaitlyn needed her normal 6:15 bottle but as a treat to me went right back to sleep. I was already awake so I just curled up on the couch to reach. I heard whispering in the boys’ room and then Alex came tiptoeing down the stairs. He wanted to surprise me with breakfast. He was a little unhappy to already see me awake but was happy to go ahead and make me breakfast anyway. He was a little hampered by what he could reach and open but the idea was so sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed my granola bar and string cheese!
Then the festivities had to wait till after Wade got home from work. He came home with Chinese food and my favorite chocolate cake from Cheesecake Factory. (He’s a very good husband – and smart too!)

Last night at dinner I had told the boys a story from my Semester At Sea. My Mom had mailed a box of treats to me in Brazil and instead of using regular packing materials she had used tootsie rolls. The boys loved this idea and for my birthday present they used individual packages of Oreos!

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