Eeeew! The Smell!

It was about 10 o’clock at night. I let Madison out one last night and she went a little further than the back door. I wanted to get in bed and read so I asked Wade to watch and let her back inside. About 10 minutes later he came back to our room to talk to me. We suddenly heard Madison barking. Wade went to let her in and came back to finish our conversation. A few seconds later Madison followed him. We both immediately smelled her. She had obviously been sprayed by a skunk. We quickly shooed her back outside and googled the topic. Wade went out to buy the necessary items. I lit candles and desperately wished I could open windows. She didn’t actually lay down anywhere but the smell was overpowering.

Wade came home with the hydrogen peroxide, mixed up his concotion, and took her to the guest room (separate from the house) to give her the bath. We moved the cars out of the garage and banished her to the garage for the night. What a stink!!

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