Robots On A Snow Day

Wade was sent home with a toy to have the boys test a little while ago. Life was crazy and it sat in the box. He finally looked at the robot and wasn’t sure how the boys would react. It is completely controlled through the iPad and has a lot of accessories, but… The boys loved it. Dot and Dash have become a new favorite toy. Alex definitely understands the control aspect the best but even Teague can create a song for the robot to play or a path for the robot to race. Kaitlyn was very interested (see the first picture) and I told Alex it was fine to move the robot closer to her. She decided she didn’t like the robot up close (see second picture).


My favorite picture was later in the morning when I walked back through to see Teague “working” on the robot with the doctor kit. Evidently the robot had stopped responding and the boys weren’t quite sure why. Teague was determined he could fix it.

  1. Teague!!!

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