Alex Turns 6

Somehow Alex turned six years old today. We got up extra early to have powdered donuts, candles, and plate presents. Kaitlyn woke up just in time for a party hat. Wade and I had decorated the house the night before – at Alex’s request. I had also made his cake. He requested a fairy cake (no surprise due to his interest in fairies this year and I found the Magical Garden Cake recipe online.


When Alex got home from school we ran a few quick errands and then waited for Dad to come home. The minute Dad walked in the door we opened presents! Alex has been looking at the boxes and bags for a little over a week so he was tired of guessing and arguing with Wade that there was not a buffalo in the biggest bag. Dinner was his requested menu of chili, bacon, and apples. Then we finished the night with his new movie – How To Train Your Dragon 2.




  1. That cake!!!!! That face!!!!!!!!!!!! ??

  2. Those ?? are really a heart 🙂

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