Stain Be Gone

Dealing with stains is a part of doing laundry. When I married Wade, the stains got a little trickier to treat – due to his shop and our various home improvement projects. Some of my favorite stain treatments are the Carbona Stain Devils – mostly because they remove all guess work of which stain removal technique is needed.
My other favorite products are K2R and Baby Oxyclean (stress on the baby). Wade and I both grew up using K2R for all greasy/oily related stains. It works wonders and I find the only tricky part is locating a place that sells it. Most True Values carry it and I buy it regularly from the one in town. Fast forward to Alex. Suddenly I needed an entire new type of stain fighter. Baby oxyclean is great for formula/spitup stains. Just soak an outfit for a few hours and all stains are magically gone.

Now I have Kaitlyn and I am inheriting all kinds of girl clothes from my sister. When I pull some of them from the box they have stains on them (and you know Melissa wouldn’t have saved them if she thought they had stains on them). I have soaked them in Baby Oxyclean and washed them and they still had stains. I did a little google searching and everyone suggested blue Dawn and a toothbrush. I had nothing to lose so I tried it. Amazing. Dawn is my new favorite stain remover. It works on all kinds of things I would have never thought to try – currently baby food. Thank you blue soap.

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