For the first three months of her life, Kaitlyn was an angel when it came to sleep. She was sleeping pretty much all night and only waking around 5 or 6 for a bottle before sleeping till 7 or 8. Then she started waking every few hours for her pacifier. I tried taking away her pacifier cold-turkey at 4 months (read here) and that did not go well. Over the next few months, we went through a few colds, teething, and some ups and downs with sleeping. I would get up a few times a night for a pacifier and once for a bottle (normally around 3). Suddenly I was much more tired and struggling with sleep than I had been with a newborn. When Kaitlyn had her 6 month checkup, the doctor didn’t recommend giving up her nighttime bottle because she was consuming such a small amount of formula during the day (although she did debate this for a little bit). She did however recommend I stop going in for the pacifier. It took Kailtyn two weeks with three or four periods of crying each night lasting up to an hour or two, but she finally figured it out. During that process she also decided she didn’t need the middle of the night bottle, which was a huge bonus for me.
When we went back to the doctor for an ear check a few weeks later, I mentioned all the trouble I had had and asked if this was normal or if I should have done something different. All the books talk about babies crying for 45 minutes (at most) for just a few nights and then quickly decreasing the crying or stopping altogether. She looks at me and then looks at Kaitlyn. She shakes her head and tells me I have a very persistent daughter and that they normally figure it out in a night or two.

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