Good Until They Aren’t

Eyelashes are something you don’t think much about. Occasionally you notice someone who has extremely long or dark lashes, but that’s about it. Then today we learned eyelashes have been keeping Teague in constant pain since his eye surgery. It took us a while to realize his recovery from surgery was going on much too long and there might be another problem. Teague had been grouchy, complaining of his eye hurting, and waking up from sleep screaming. I just didn’t think that maybe we had an additional problem. We finally emailed the Boston doctors and they recommended going in to see if Teague possibly had a corneal ulcer or his eyelashes were touching his eye. We had our local eye appointment today and learned that Teague’s lower eyelid has rolled inwards. The eyelashes have been continually rubbing his eye and even caused indentations on it. Ouch!
Since being in Kansas City we have seen two different pediatric ophthalmologist – the first moved for some additional training and then a second one a few weeks ago. We saw a third today simply because we wanted to get in as soon as possible. She diagnosed the problem but wanted us to see the second ophthalmologist again before being referred to a plastic surgeon for correction. I didn’t think much about this since she noted on the card “as soon as possible.” Imagine my shock when the appointment we were given was January 19th (over a month away). For one of the first times in my life I said no. I pointed out my son was in pain and so they moved the appointment to January 6th. In my opinion this still wasn’t reasonable with a diagnosed problem and a hurting boy. I came home and emailed our Boston doctors asking if they could give us a referral to a local plastic surgeon and skip the second ophthalmologist. Within 30 minutes, Dr. Elliott (the Boston plastic surgeon) had talked to a local plastic surgeon and given me a call. She had done some online research for his certifications, found his picture (to make sure he was a white hair – her words), and then called him. When he immediately knew that Teague’s CFOEM made his a complex case she decided he was a good fit. He agreed to fit us in on Monday when he was at Children’s. Thank you for awesome doctors!

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