Surgery Time

Today was Teague’s big day. Dr. Hunter schedules his surgery in order of complexity and that put Teague at the third surgery for the day, around noon. Unfortunately something went wrong in scheduling and he ended up waiting a VERY long time. He was great at just waiting and the nurses were wonderful at providing stickers and lunch for dad (poor Teague had to go all day without food). At one point, Teague was requesting certain pictures be sent to me (such as his hide-n-seek picture) and I would send silly pictures back to him. My favorite was the picture of Teague rubbing his eyes – which he called “googley eyes.”

In case it wasn’t exactly clear why Teague was having this surgery just look at his eyes in the picture below. His left eye is quite a bit further out (from his nose) than the right eye. Because of this he doesn’t use his eyes together and prefers his right eye – which will cause a deterioration of vision in the left eye over time.

Dr. Hunter said the surgery was a little trickier than he had expected due to scar tissue but he was pleased with the results. Teague had a rough awakening again (Wade said one of his worst) but did manage to eat a popsicle before heading to the hotel.
Teague has a followup with both doctors tomorrow morning and then they’ll get on a plane to join us in Memphis for Thanksgiving.

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