We love Teague’s Boston Doctors. Teague flew out with Wade yesterday and had an appointment with Teague’s ophthalmologist (Dr. Hunter) yesterday and his plastic surgeon (Dr. Elliott) today. After Dr. Hunter’s exam, Teague always requests that the chair go up and down several times and wants to see the toys used during the exam. Dr. Hunter is always great about humoring Teague (we have not found other doctors to be as kid-friendly). Yesterday Dr. Hunter even took an extra 10 minutes to just sit and play with Teague. That’s pretty awesome for the Chief of Ophthalmology at a major Children’s hospital.

We were curious to hear what Dr. Elliott had to say about Teague’s eyelids. She hadn’t seen him since the implant had to be removed last May. She suggested a new implant was needed at this time to raise his eyelid and even offered to squeeze in the procedure during patients on Monday during Teague’s surgery with Dr. Hunter. Did I mention we love Teague’s doctors?

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