Kaitlyn – 1; Mommy – 0

I have talked in the past about what a great night sleeper Kaitlyn has been. From day one she was sleeping 4-5 hour chunks and by the time we came home from the hospital it was 6-8 hours. Pretty soon she was sleeping 14 hours with a single bottle at 5-7 am and then sleeping till 7 or 8 am. About three weeks ago this changed. I have no idea if it was related to the time change, a slight cold, her 4 month shots, etc. Suddenly Kaitlyn needed her pacifier reinserted every two hours. I have no problem with her having the pacifier, but I struggled going from a single night time waking to five or more. I kept waiting for things to return to normal but no luck. Wade and I discussed taking the pacifier away, but decided to wait until after the holidays and travel.
Then two nights ago. I had just settled into a hot bath when I heard Kaitlyn cry (about 9 pm). I decided to let her cry and see what happened. After 20 minutes she fell asleep. I decided the no pacifier thing might be a great solution. Kaitlyn woke up 40 minutes later and cried again. I decided not to go upstairs. That led to one of the worst nights I have ever had. Kaitlyn slept a little less than two hours from that point on – which was right after Wade gave her a bottle at 4 am. I tried rubbing her back, letting her cry, swaddling her, unswaddling her, etc. We all got up about 6:45 and most of us were a little cranky. Once everyone was gone for the day, I put Kaitlyn down for her morning nap (without a pacifier) assuming she would fall asleep due to exhaustion. She cried for two hours. At this point I gave up. She got her pacifier and fell immediately asleep. (Notice the scratching she managed to do to her face last night. Poor girl.)
She took her normal great naps during the day. I put her down for bed at 6 pm. She slept till 5 am when she woke up for a bottle and then slept till 7 am. She didn’t wake up once to have the pacifier reinserted. Does that mean we returned to not needing it or she was too tired from the previous night to care? We’ll see tonight!

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