The Meaning Of Money

Alex is just starting to really understand money. He knows he has it. He knows things he want cost money. He knows he can use his money to buy things. He also knows most coins he finds in the house he can have. What he doesn’t yet understand is the value of money or why a dollar is better than a coin.
I opened Alex’s backpack to put in his lunchbox and saw a twenty dollar bill. He does have one or two of these but I thought they were up high on a shelf where he couldn’t reach them. Then I realized we have had a stack of twenties sitting on the counter. (Not normal for us, but Wade just sold my old camera.) I asked Alex if he took one of the bills. He said yes. He wanted ice cream money. Then we had to talk about how different numbers on bills mean different amounts and paper money found around the house was not up for grabs…

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