Adventures In Shipping

My normal kitchen island setup has a red and white striped pitcher full of spatulas and spoons next to the stove. As I was decorating for Halloween, I realized a black and white pitcher would be prefect! Thankfully the one I have is also made in black and sold on Amazon. I ordered it a few days before the party and it arrived the day before but with a large crack down the side. I went ahead and used it for decor but requested a replacement from Amazon. I have now received two additional pitchers that were shattered in the shipping process.

My last contact from Amazon refunded all of my money and informed me they were pulling the item from inventory to investigate further. Darn it! I really want the pitcher. Here’s hoping they get it worked out and back in stock.

  1. ha- i read most recent down and i was wondering about the pitcher in the cake making pic above. i could have sworn your pitcher was red/white. 🙂 Love the polka dot one too!

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