Split Day

Because our trip was so short, we spent half of the day at Mom’s house and the second half at Dad’s house. After a lazy morning (again), my high school friends came by for a quick visit. We even managed a group picture (now with two more kiddos than the last time we were all together). Just for laughs – here is a picture of the four of us in 2005 (the year I started this blog).


Then it was off to Dad’s for a nap. When Teague woke up, B had a special treat for him. The viper was ready for a drive. Teague got scared that the car would be loud so we got him some ear protection. Then I got in the passenger seat with him while B turned on the car. Teague was not happy with me making him sit there until the car turned on. Then he looked at me and told me he wanted a ride. I got out and they rode up and down the driveway until Harper arrived and wanted to ride too.





  1. Love the fab four picture! My mom forwarded me this picture from an email she received from Sara Fuller for the ATHS Class of ’49. Sara Fuller and my dad graduated together and I had no idea until I saw the email that you were related to her!

  2. Actually I guess the fab four has turned into the fab four PLUS!

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