Kaitlyn, Teague, and I traveled to Paducah yesterday for my Mom’s surprise 70th birthday party (today). I’ll write a separate post with pics of the party. We got in late last night and stayed at my Dad’s house along with my sister and her family. The kids had a great time seeing each other and all the other fun things that happen at B’s house (and later that night Gram’s).


At this point Melissa and I left for my Mom’s surprise party. There were three adults (B, Mary, and Chris) in charge of four kids (Harper, Teague, Mackenzie, and Kaitlyn). We came home to two non-napping 3 year olds and an exhausted baby (from crying most of the time we were gone.) Teague and Harper were having so much fun they couldn’t be bothered with naps – although I hear they were excited to try napping together in the new kid room (two bunk beds, a couch, and a big screen tv). The no nap explains why Teague was asleep before we were even out of B’s driveway. Amazingly Harper and Teague still had energy to burn after we put them to bed at Gram’s. We watched their antics on the video monitor a while before demanding they pick a bed (after switching who was on top) and stay there.




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