Sick Days

My boys are rarely sick. I don’t think they have ever really been sick at the same time. I noticed that Teague had Hand, Foot, Mouth first and then today Alex started to show signs. Unfortunately, Alex got it a lot worse than Teague. Here’s a run down of Alex’s sick day.
Alex was quite unhappy when he realized he was sick – especially with bumps on his face.
A bath in my tub seemed to be the cure for a grumpy morning.
Then the afternoon was spent napping – two separate times.


  1. Evelyn had hand, foot and mouth about 3 weeks ago. At first, they thought she had a UTI, but then she got the spots 3 days later. Luckily, Dru escaped it. Did the baby manage to get by unscathed? I’m sorry you had to deal with it with both of them, but at least it’s something that goes by quickly . . .

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