Hello Kaitlyn

After Alex’s early arrival (at 36 weeks), everyone thought Kaitlyn would come early too. The doctors were watching me carefully. Wade and I had prepared for an early arrival. Then she didn’t come. So we waited and waited. My doctor offered to induce at 39 weeks and we decided to schedule it. Early this morning, Wade and I left for the hospital with one last picture of a pregnant me.
The nurse checked me before starting the medicine and I was at 5 cm (but not feeling any contractions) at 8 am. She started the medicine and Wade and I got out our electronics to wait. I felt contractions at some point and by 7 cm I asked for an epdiural. They were pretty quick to get a doctor to our room, but by the time the epidural was working I was ready to deliver. Oh well, at least the pushing part was cake. Kaitlyn arrived in two pushes at 12:38 pm. We spent the rest of the day admiring her.


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