A Little Young

Alex played soccer in Milwaukee at ages 3 and 4. The lesson was an hour long and they did drills, played silly games, etc. Teague is taking soccer at age 3 and also for an hour. The difference is after a handful of “practices” they are playing real games. It’s cute to watch and the older kids (they range from 3-5) are actually getting the concept. Teague loves to run the field but he doesn’t really understand the rest. He tries to hold the coach’s hand, pick flowers, and just run. They put him as goalie and he does understand that he stands in that one spot but doesn’t actively try to stop the ball. It’s hilarious. My favorite is when he decided to tell two kids on the other team (red) that they couldn’t be goalie (they were standing to close to his net). This child is scare of nothing!


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