We heard from Granny and Pop on Wednesday that Teague’s surgical site over one eye was inflamed. By the next day his eye was swollen shut, the site was draining, and we were talking to the surgeon in Boston. She quickly prescribed an antibiotic. About seven hours after taking the antibiotic, Pop realized Teague was having an allergic reaction to the medicine. We contacted the doctor and she prescribed another antibiotic and scheduled us with a local ophthalmologist for this afternoon.
This morning I met Granny and Pop in downtown Kansas City, transferred Teague to my car, and headed to meet a new doctor. The staff was fantastic and the doctor even consulted with the Boston surgeon while we were waiting. The decision was made to continue the antibiotics till Tuesday. The local Doctor gave us his cell phone and told us he would check with us daily over the weekend. If the swelling got worse then we would do an emergency implant removal. Otherwise we would re-evaluate on Tuesday with the hope that the implant could be saved. (Our surgeon had told us this was very unlikely, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.)
The doctor “drew” Teague’s favorite animal (a monkey) on his face to help us evaluate the swelling/redness and whether it was improving or getting worse.

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