Alex has really struggled to learn his letters. We tried to work on them last summer (when Teague learned his) and Alex wanted no part of it. I thought he just wasn’t interested. But then school started and he would come home with a letter stamped on his hand and have no clue about it’s name. I let it go for a while and then realized he still didn’t know any of his letters. About this time his teacher also emailed me and then we had a regularly scheduled parent conference. It turns out Alex excels at rhymes. He has an above average vocabulary. He can look at a letter and tell you the sound it makes and four words that start with that letter. He can not tell you it’s name.
His teacher and I decided this was just going to have to be brute force memorization and unfortunately hard for Alex. I started with two letters he already knew “A” and “O.” Then I have slowly added letters one at a time. Every time he can name all the letters from previous days with his new letter he gets an M&M. The plan seems to be working and we are finally up to 15 letters! Today we are stuck on “N.” The only time learning a letter is easy for Alex is when the name of the letter is in a word – like Z is for Zebra and T is for Teague. I have yet to find an N word that actually says “N” and not “nnnn.”

  1. What about the word “ten” or did you want it to start with n?

  2. Ning and I were really impressed with the app Endless Alphabet. We had purchased it for our 3 year old to learn, but our 1 year old started using it as well and quickly learned all his letters.
    Not sure how you feel about tablets- I know my sister doesnt want any screen time at all for her son.

  3. I’m willing to try anything. I’ll look up the app today! Thanks.

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