Mission Accomplished

Wade had a mission for today – to make Kansas City seem awesome to the boys. We started the morning at Hallmark’s Kaleidoscope. It’s a free event with 40 minute art sessions for kids. There are tons of supplies (mostly extras from card printing or crayola) and different stations. The kids can basically do anything they want in the set time frame and even enter again for the next session if there is room. Our boys loved the painting and there was even a dryer to make sure artwork was dry and ready to take home. My favorite activity was the puzzle maker. The kids draw on some squares of cardboard and then put the material through a machine that cuts it into a puzzle. Genius.


After lunch and a quick nap we headed to LegoLand. We had mentioned this to Alex previously and he has been on pins and needles waiting to go. It was packed with people but the boys got a turn doing everything they wanted. Entrance starts with a short tour and discussion of how legos are made. Then you an get your height and weight converted to “bricks.” Next up is a ride and then you are sent into the big open area with different centers and the theater (they have a 15 minute 3D movie). The boys’ favorite activity was building race cars and racing them on the ramps/drag strip.





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