Birthdays Begin

Thankfully Alex told me yesterday that he wanted the house really decorated for his birthday (like mine last April) and I had just enough time to get decorations and make it happen. Alex woke up to powdered donuts (a favorite treat) and candles. We spent the rest of the day catering to Alex – lunch at his favorite hot dog place, presents, a scavenger hunt for a big present, pizza for dinner, and a lego cake with the neighbors.




  1. There are so many little tghnis that happen everyday that make me happy: someone giving me a helping hand or just listening to my favorite song before I go to bed. I don’t have just one happy day, but happy days. The happiest days of my life are when I accomplish a goals that brings me one step closer to making my dreams come true. First one: packing my bags and moving to the big apple!

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