Sugar Bugs

I love the boys’ dentist, but have one small issue with their terminology. At their last visit, Dr. Ric announced that Alex has a cavity. Instead of using the word cavity, they use “sugar bug”. He had always commented that the grooves in Alex’s molars were rather deep (and almost impossible to adequately brush) and would require watching. A small cavity has finally appeared. The dentist is afraid it will be larger and painful for Alex before he loses the baby tooth. He recommended having the cavity filled. Alex was pretty good through hearing all of this until he learned that the sugar bug wouldn’t be removed for two months (their first opening for a cavity filling). Then he got really upset. I think in this instance he really thought a bug was in his tooth. Due to our impending move, I asked to be put on a waiting list and they had an opening this morning. Wade took Alex and he was a champ. They even let him bring his mask home.

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