Pregnancy – 2nd Round

For those of you interested in the pregnancy side of things, here is a comparison between my first and second (so far). So far I would say this is a “dream” pregnancy.
*Morning sickness all day (In fact Madison learned to leave the room at the command “Go Away” because she kept following me into the bathroom)
*Extreme fatigue (Wade at one point asked me if I was every going to get off the couch again)
*Extremely sensitive to smells (Non-pregnancy I would almost say I don’t have a sense of smell so this was a big deal)
*Noticeable decrease in appetite for sweets (I still ate them, but the quantity was drastically different)
*Some slight queasiness before eating in the mornings, but then nothing the rest of the day
*Slightly more tired than normal. (I take a short nap when the boys nap and otherwise my schedule is the same)
*No noticeable sensitivity to smells
*Same noticeable decrease in appetite for sweets

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