Saying Goodbye

Today we had breakfast as a family – with eggs scrambled by Teague.
Then we loaded up the car for the long drive home. We got settled in the car and ready to pull out of the driveway when we noticed the rather large crack in the windshield. I immediately called and have an appointment for a new windshield to be installed tomorrow.
The boys were fantastic during the drive and were largely entertained by electronic devices. (I figure if they have to be strapped into a seat for 10 hours they can pretty much watch as much TV as they want.)


  1. I spent the day cleaning my house for frenids who were coming to stay with me )They stop by on their drive back to MA after a month long stay in FL every year. We get together in MA in the summer months on our travels North. Went out to dinner and had a great evening just catching up.

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