Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

We had an early morning visit with Dr. Hunter and we were curious to hear what he would say. It was pretty obvious to Wade and I that Teague’s eyes were once again uneven and he couldn’t see out of his left one (the same one that had an adjustment yesterday). Dr. Hunter agreed. Evidently when he completed the adjustment yesterday the left eye had actually been lower than the right. He was hesitant to do another adjustment without knowing why the eye was continuing to move upwards. He mentioned exploratory surgery and a visit to the plastic surgeon to discuss raising Teague’s eyelids (something we had been told wouldn’t happen till he was 4 or 5). Dr. Hunter also mentioned it was possible that asymmetrical swelling was causing the eyes to remain uneven and this might correct itself in a few weeks. We left his office knowing we would be in touch and would potentially be back for surgery in a few weeks.
The big concern with the current eye situation is that Teague might lose some vision in the left eye if the situation isn’t corrected. Dr. Hunter suggested patching the good eye and teaching Teague to hold up his eyelid to use the left eye. Teague gave this a good try, but quickly grew frustrated.

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