Teague was the second surgery of the day and did really well without food or drink all morning. He played in the waiting room and was fine with changing clothes. The nurses were great and provided a gown and cap for monkey too. I got to back with Teague while the anesthesia was given. Then Wade and I spent a few hours in the waiting room.

We had warned everyone that Teague doesn’t come out of anesthesia well and they had us back with him before he even began to wake up. We were quickly given a private room (he was causing quite a ruckus) and after he settled down he fell asleep. (Monkey made it through surgery fine and came out with an eye patch.) The doctor came in to check his eyes after his next surgery and then we were ready to go home.

I was surprised that other than blood-tinged tears there was no visible signs of trauma. His eyes are definitely a little swollen but there is no bruising and none of the incisions/stitches are visible.

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