Serial Hugger

One of the phrases I used a lot during childhood was, “Holly needs a hug.” Teague seems to have similar needs and often walks up to me and asks, “Hug?” Lately he has even been soliciting (or taking) hugs from strangers. First it was the nice old man at the library. We both kind of laughed it off, but I think the old man liked it. Then it was the young man (early 20s/ late teens) at the bus top. Teague ran right up to give his legs a hug and I had trouble getting him to let go. The young man was nice about the whole thing and now waves to us as we pass him on our street. This week we were at the post office and Teague attacked another old man. We all laughed, but I am beginning to wonder. Thankfully he is young and cute enough he can get away with it.

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