Happy Surprise To Me

When Wade gave the AC man our deposit they talked dates. We knew the man had a schedule a few weeks out and we were hoping they would be able to come the week I was at the beach with the boys. The man couldn’t promise that and gave us a firm date of the week we returned. He did stress that he would try to come earlier if at all possible. Before I left Wade told me the man had called and they definitely wouldn’t be coming till after I got home (sigh).
Then Wade and I were talking on the phone one night while I was at the beach and he mentioned he had a surprise for me. I assumed he had done some project around the house and didn’t think too much about it. The boys and I got home last Monday a few hours before Wade came home from work. I unloaded the car and was thankful for the cool house. Then at some point I noticed he had removed the window air conditioning units and just assumed he had done it in preparation for the workmen coming the next day. A little later I heard a really subtle, low whooshing sound. Then I really looked around and realized the air conditioning was already installed!! I was beyond excited and so thankful to have not been present for all of the work. Now most of my rooms have these small circular vents in the ceilings (in the picture they look almost like can lights) and cool air flows on demand!
I had known it was going to be a messy project, but Wade later told me that the installers had started work every day at 5 am. Then I was doubly thankful the boys and I had been gone!!

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