Treasure Hunt

Before we left for the beach, Wade gave me very specific instructions and a box. I did my best to follow directions, but I can only imagine what would have occurred if Wade had been with us.
We went for a walk on the beach last night and with Aunt Lissy’s assistance I was able to plant a very special bottle in the sand. Alex has been on the look out for a map in a bottle and tonight he found one! Captain Jack had signed the map and marked his treasure with an X.


Today I got up really early (quite a feat to arise before four little ones) and made a quick trip to the beach. When everyone was up we immediately went hunting for treasure. Alex spotted the X pretty quickly. He started digging and eventually (much longer than I expected) found a treasure chest! He was so excited! The treasure chest was full of gold doubloons, beaded necklaces, an eye patch, and a pirate flag. The boy was walking on water!!




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