Slipping And Sliding

The boys and I were shopping at Target and stumbled upon the clearance section. Imagine my surprise at finding the “deluxe” model of the slip ‘n slide on sale for $.99 (down from $10). When Alex asked if we could buy it, I quickly agreed. With the cold weather we have been having and his age, I actually thought we would put it up for next year. Alex has been asking me about this daily. Finally today was slightly warmer than previous days so I agreed to get it out. I thought after his running and sliding in the pool with Phoenix he might get the idea of a slip n slide. He couldn’t quite get past sliding on his knees. It turns out I had to put on a swimsuit and show him how it is done. (There is actually a picture showing me doing this but I can’t quite bring myself to post it – sorry Amber.)


  1. The picture of you slipping and sliding is perfect!! Such a great mom to change into her suit and show the boys how it’s done!!! Plus, I captured a great action shot.
    Somehow I need to get it on here!

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