Goodbye Diapers

I didn’t follow the traditional guidelines about potty training with either of my children. They recommend looking for certain indicators that they are ready. One of them being dry diapers at nap. Neither of my boys had dry diapers at nap times before potty training, but almost immediately after starting to potty training they no longer needed a diaper at nap time. Crazy. Today we finally had enough sun that I could sun-dry the cloth diapers before packing them up. We are done with them. Teague has been amazing and done even better with potty training than Alex – who I thought did really well. He does still wear a disposable diaper at night, but he’s had quite a few dry diapers (and my guess is if I went in when I first heard him – instead of letting him entertain himself until 7 – then they’d all be dry).

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