The Big Mouse

Alex was so excited for our outing to Chuck E. Cheese. We had a few Father’s Day things to do around the house, but he was rushing through them as fast as possible. We were almost ready to go and I was finishing a few last things in the kitchen when I realized the boys were running around outside. Alex knows how to put his shoes on by himself but Teague normally sits on the stairs and waits for me to do it. Alex has offered to help him a few times and he vehemently opposes this idea. Evidently today Alex’s enthusiasm was contagious and Teague was excited to get going. I got outside to see that both boys did indeed have shoes on. (This is the year of easy summer shoes – both boys are wearing the same size Crocs – we have 2 pairs of 8/9 navy blue and they just live in a pile at the back door!)
Then we were off and met up with Amy, Abby, and Asher for a morning of games and pizza.


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