Mother’s Day

We had an unusual Mother’s Day around our house. We got bundled up (or rather the boys did) to watch me run a Mother’s Day Race. Wade’s gift to me was an entry in the race – Run Like A Mother. It just might be my favorite Mother’s Day present of all time. A friend of a friend was also running so we met up and then off we went. This is only the second official race I have run (the first being the Color Run) and the first timed run. I was curious to get the timed information. I knew I ran the 3.1 miles faster than I normally do (and faster than I should have). The official results say I ran it in 28:26 which had me coming in 103 out of 460. Not too bad. And definitely a fun time!
I underestimated the weather a bit and was one of the few wearing shorts. Wade said it made it easy to pick me out of the crowd wearing pink shirts, but I definitely would have worn pants if I’d had a chance to do it again!

  1. Could you be any cuter? Adorable picture!

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